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In 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law. The ADA is a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination against any person with disabilities in all aspects of public life. It granted protections for people with disabilities, so they could have the same opportunities as everyone else. Part of the ADA included new regulations for public spaces, including places of business, hospitals, and apartment buildings. Buildings became required to install commercial handicap door openers, also referred to as automatic door operators, so persons with disabilities could open doors with the push of a button. The ADA remains in place today, and Kelley Bros knows and understands the regulations the ADA sets forth. We have American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers, AAADM, certified installers and technicians that know how to install commercial handicap door openers that are compliant with ADA codes.

ADA Compliant Door Opener

Making an entryway accessible for people with disabilities means more than having a wide enough space. There are requirements about what kind of door hardware and activation switches are allowed, and where all of the components for an automatic door opener are located. Having a handicap door button that is too high to reach or too close to the door, not only doesn’t make sense, but is not within ADA code. The space directly underneath the button must be clear and the button must be clearly identified and visible. Under the ADA, the actuator must be located between one and five feet from the door whether the door is closed or open. It must also be in a spot where the person pressing the button will not be in the path of the door, for instance, a 36 inch door that swings into the path of a person, must be more than 36 inches away from the door. And the handicap door operator button must also be between 34 and 48 inches off the ground.

All of these specifications are in place to aid people with physical disabilities gaining entry to public and commercial spaces. That’s why Kelley Bros has AAADM certified employees that understand the importance of these codes and regulations.

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