Pre-Installation of Mechanical and Electrified Door Hardware

Pre-Installed Hardware & Electronic Access Control

Kelley Bros has a team of installation professionals that provide hardware pre-installation. Door hardware such as hinges, closers, exit devices, locksets and electrified hardware, can be installed onto doors and tested, then shipped to the jobsite ready to be hung. Pre-installation enables the general contractor to not only save time and money, but help meet deadlines by providing fast and easy installation. When the project is ready for doors, we deliver the doors with the hardware installed so all that's needed is to hang them and install the strike plate, done!

Benefits of Pre-Installation


  • Eliminate Clutter

    No more boxes of hardware taking up space. And when hardware is stored in a temporary holding area on a job site it can easily be damaged, lost or stolen. Pre-installation eliminates that possibility.

  • Reduce Damage

    When doors are on-site too early extension cords are usually run under them causing damage, along with dents and dings from moving furniture, tools or equipment.

  • Increased Quality

    Doors can come from the manufacturer with defects and dings. We inspect the doors and make any necessary exchanges to ensure each door is of top quality before delivering them to the jobsite.

  • Proper Installation

    Many times hardware adjustments are made in the field and they are not always done correctly. With pre-installation, hardware is applied by trained installers and the operation is tested before being shipped.

  • Meet Deadlines

    Doors can be delivered precisely when needed. And with the hardware already on them, they can be hung in minutes, drastically reducing installation time.

Commercial Door and Frame Installation

Our installation specialists also provide door and frame installation. Whether it is hollow metal frames, welded or punch and dimple, or pre-hung wood doors, we install all types of doors and frames. With our installers on-site, general contractors can be assured the frames are installed correctly and the doors are swinging properly. Maintaining the correct spacing around the opening for fire-rated doors is essential too. With our installers on-site we make sure the doors are hung within compliance of the building codes. Kelley Bros make commercial door and frame installation an efficient, cost-effective solution.

Watch Our Pre-Installation Team at Work

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