Key Card Entry Systems

Property crime happens every day across the country—that’s why keeping your facility safe and secure is crucial. Every business has valuable assets that thieves will target and there are companies that produce things with a high street value. Keeping potential thieves out and products in are important goals for every business. Key card entry systems aid businesses with this goal. They make it easier to allow or deny access to every cardholder and make lost keys irrelevant. Key card access systems allow business and facility managers to quickly change access for anyone within sophisticated, but user-friendly, electronic access control software.

Protect Important Assests


Inventory and trade secrets are important to any business and protecting them is undeniably important. There are things in any building that are more important than physical property—and that’s people. Key card access systems protect people from danger by limiting who can gain access to a building. Think beyond key card entry systems for business and think about what else would benefit from this technology. Schools, hospitals, dormitories, and government buildings can all benefit from an increased level of safety and security.

Track Movement in the Building


For many building owners, knowing who is coming and going within your facility is essential. When visitors come, they check in at the front desk and a record of their presence is made. In the event something happens, there is a record indicating their time at the facility. The same should apply to the employees. When they arrive and when they leave isn’t always known, but with a key card access system, it is. For any door that is opened, a record is generated indicating who opened it, when it was opened, and if it stayed opened for an extended period of time. Detailed records are kept within an audit trail, making it possible to look back in the event something goes missing or a person’s whereabouts need proving. Commercial electronic door locks with key card credentials make it possible to track the movements of any cardholder within the facility. 

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