Key Fob Door Entry Systems

All across America, more and more commercial buildings are getting rid of the old and bringing in the new. Part of this transition is how people come and go from a facility. More businesses are dumping their old doorknobs, locks, and keys and opting for commercial key fob door entry systems instead. They are prioritizing increased security and life safety measures to enable a user-friendly experience for their occupants. Restricting access to the building and rooms within it is important for the overall safety and security of the occupants, along with any sensitive information and expensive equipment within. A commercial key fob door entry system will improve your facility’s security and safety by restricting access of those who don’t belong.

Greater Ease of Movement


Commercial key fob door entry systems allow for greater movement within a facility. The days of managers, leads, and maintenance teams walking around with a massive keyring are over. No longer will facilities or maintenance personnel spend hours walking around the building letting people in and out of rooms. With commercial key fob entry systems, access to rooms is done on a computer and mechanical keys are irrelevant. Key fobs, cards or mobile credentials are issued, and access to certain rooms is granted. If a person doesn’t need access to the file room, then it’s denied—simple as that. Managers can decide who needs to go where and when, then that information is programmed within access control software to grant them access.

Improved Control


Mangers can grant or deny access to sensitive areas of the facility and eliminate the need to open doors. This is important when employees leave the company or are let go. The reality is that employees get terminated and must be prevented from returning. Recently separated employees can behave irrationally and become security risks. With key fob security systems, though, keeping former employees out of the building is much easier. Changing and deactivating their card access will keep them from gaining access to the building.

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