New Location: Indianapolis, IN

We are pleased to announce that Kelley Bros. Hardware Corp. is officially opening its 19th Branch in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Kelley Bros. has been providing contractors with quality doors, frames and hardware for 125 years, becoming the preferred one stop source for architectural openings for construction professionals. Kelley Bros. provides service without compromise, including quoting, project management and final close out for every project we are involved in. This commitment has helped Kelley Bros. become the nation’s leading distributor of hollow metal doors and frames, wood doors, architectural hardware and specialty products.

Kelley Bros. now has 19 branches located in 12 states, making it one of the largest, most well respected distributors in the industry.

The new Indianapolis branch will feature:

  • Commercial Door Hardware
  • Hollow Metal Doors and Frames
  • Wood Doors
  • Timely Frames

Meet our Team:

Colin Browne- – Purchasing/End User Sales/Project Management

Tim Champion – – Project Management / Sales

Dick Kramer – – Project Management / Sales

Mike Lieske – – Project Management / Sales

Gary Pellom – – Estimating / Purchasing

Greg Yeend – – End User Sales / Project Management

Production Personnel – Butch Moorhouse, Robert Finch, Jeremy Jones

3131 N. Franklin Road, Suite B
Indianapolis, IN 46226