New School Safety & Security IPad App Helps Administrators See What Security Technology Is Available To Them

ASSA ABLOY recently launched an IPad application that school administrators can now use to guide them through a detailed site survey in order to catalogue every door opening and view specific school security requirements and campus details. The app is able to perform a detailed analysis based on each openings functionality and application requirements including:

  • Classroom
  • Main Entrance
  • Office
  • Assembly Area
  • Storage Rooms
  • And More

Technology is constantly moving our industry forward and helping us provide better security for facilities, and especially schools. A lot of school administrators and facility managers may not be aware of the security technologies that are available to them, and this application by ASSA ABLOY closes that gap. School administrators can now see the advanced security technologies that are available to keep their kids, faculty, and staff safe. They can do this on a door-by-door basis so they know the ideal security application for that opening, and the new IPad app makes managing this information very easy. Once administrators and facility managers are armed with this information they can reach out to their door and hardware consultants and request accurate products to meet their specific security requirements, which streamlines the implementation process.

“The ASSA ABLOY K-12 security assessment app is a great tool for schools that want to gauge the level of protection offered by their doorways,” said Doug Titus, K-12 Business Director for ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions. “School officials can conduct a walkthrough on their own or call their local ASSA ABLOY K-12 Security Specialist to guide them through a site assessment survey.”

Some of the app features include:

  • Uploading and report generation – create a detailed assessment report based on the inputted information 
  • Solutions Section – Find a door, frame and locking product that addresses the safety and security needs for any opening
  • Link to Professional Support– find a local ASSA ABLOY school security expert to answer any doorway related question or provide assistance with your assessment

The new school safety and security assessment app can be downloaded for free at: