Raising the Bar for School Safety and Security

Keeping kids safe in school is always priority number one for the teachers, staff, and most importantly the parents. The door and hardware industry is setting the standard for safety and security in schools by conducting cutting edge research in order to manufacture new commercial hardware products that increase safety and security in schools.

Sargent Manufacturing has done just that by introducing the Profile Series v.G1.5 lock with radio frequency fob functionality. “In an emergency it’s human nature to experience confusion and even panic when children are at risk,” said Dave Higginson, Brand Manager of SARGENT. “The v.G1.5 lock and RF fob provide the educational community with a ready means of reacting quickly and effectively to secure a school and provide extra assurance in the event of an emergency situation. It saves critical seconds in securing a classroom and eliminates the need to approach the door or enter the hallway.”

The lock is an ideal application for classrooms because of it’s remote locking capabilities. This functionality ensures that the teacher does not have to enter the hallway in an emergency to lock the door. The v.G1.5 is a standalone access control lock that allows the teacher to lock the door with a remote key fob from inside the classroom.