High Security Key Systems

When It Comes To Security You Need a Trusted Partner

We start by meeting with you to determine your security and facility needs. Once we have an understanding of your requirements, we can begin the design of your system and recommend the best product for you. Key control and system implementation is our specialty. Our key system design team has decades of experience in helping you through the process of rekeying, record keeping and the ongoing maintenance of your system. We offer service equipment, pinning kits and key cutters that will help you maintain your system. We offer full training on all service equipment items that we sell.

  • Best Cormax
  • Medeco X4
  • Sargent XC
  • Schlage Everest

These are a sampling of manufacturers that offer patented or restricted keyways. These types of
systems offer owners more protection from unauthorized key duplication. Kelley Bros team of
professionals can assist you in determining which system will be right for you.

Locks and lock cylinders are rated by Underwriters Laboratory to determine the various levels of security
a lock offers. This rating is called UL437. UL tests 8 types of attack on a lock some of which are picking,
drilling, prying and pulling a lock open. Some of the manufacturers that offer UL 437 are Medeco, Assa
and Kaba. Contact one of Kelley Bros team of professionals to determine which high security lock is
right for your security need.

Kelley Bros team of professionals understands that a well-designed master key system is a critical piece
to a facilities overall security program. Let us guide you through the process of initial planning, survey,
schematic design and system implementation. We offer service equipment and software that will
help you maintain your new key system including training and data entry. Call today to schedule an
appointment with one of our key systems specialists.

Visual key control is often overlooked by owners and architects when specifying a key system. Ask for
visual key control when locks and keys are specified or ordered. Visual key and cylinder control provides
a physical marking on the key and key cylinder(or interchangeable core) that identifies how it is keyed
in relation to the master key system. When a lock is moved or taken out of service it can be easily
identified with Visual Control. It is a small price to pay for the convenience offered when reinstalling the
lock back into service by the maintenance staff.

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